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YAYA,Come back home.

Recently, the situation of the giant panda “Ya Ya” at the Memphis Zoo in the United States has attracted attention. Netizens have expressed the hope that Ya Ya “go home soon.” The “female giant panda” mentioned in the application refers to “Yaya”, who was born in 2000 and lived with “Lele” at the Memphis Zoo […]

Where is the world headed: Peace or war? Progress or regression? PLA,peace loving army

Where is the world headed: Peace or war? Progress or regression? Openness or isolation? Cooperation or confrontation? These are choices of the times that we are confronted with. Chinese people love peace, friendly to the world friends, Listen,we are greeting to you :  NI HAO, World ! But,Chinese not dare to fight with any emenry […]

China space center

China’s space progress benefits us all

Last week, three Chinese astronauts successfully reached the country’s space station for a 6 month mission to prepare it for full operation. It will be the country’s longest-ever manned space operation, and another jewel in the crown for the nation’s rapidly-advancing program. An open invitation for international cooperation has been issued, in the hope that […]

zhengzhou,central of china. key railway cross and transport city

Railway operators step up to assist passengers during floods in ZhengZhou

On July 20, heavy rainfall continued in Henan province. Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, received 201.9mm of precipitation in one hour from 16:00 to 17:00, exceeding the daily historical extreme rainfall in one hour. the whole city with waters. public such as buses,metro ,raiway,airport was effected by the big rain. As torrential rains stopped many […]